EN Februar 2023

Use of portable ladders Use safe alternative to ladder Secure against slipping Set up at the right angle Sufficiently long ladder Comply with national regulations. February

EN Jänner 2023

Personal protective equipment Wear personal protective equipment Use special protective equipment depending on the hazard Use knee protection for activities that strain your knees Use ankle-high S3 shoes Comply with national regulations. January

EN Dezember 2022

Correct fastening of loads Transport loads in a suspended sling Use quadruple hangers Secure the load against falling Do not fasten onto the wire Comply with national regulations. December

EN November 2022

Transport and storage of formwork elements Secure according to manufacturer’s instructions Stabilise elements to stop them moving Do not climb on the formwork When storing, ensure that elements are stable Comply with national regulations. November

EN Oktober 2022

Securing floor openings Suitably protect from trip hazards Cover openings Use barriers for large openings Comply with national regulations. October

EN September 2022

Using elevating work platforms Provide stable support Do not leave the work cage Protect against traffic hazards Comply with national regulations. September

EN August 2022

In our daily routine, these three steps make all the difference: Take your time and assess the situation before you act. The seconds before your next move are decisive! Take a good look at the next workstep, prepare it well and stand up for a safe work environment. Act responsibly and work safely. Choose safety […]

EN Juli 2022

Sun protection for construction workers Avoid direct exposure to sunlight Use adequate head and skin covering Apply sun protection products Comply with national regulations. July

EN Juni 2022

Working near excavators Ensure good communication methods are in place Keep a safe distance Comply with national regulations. June

EN Mai 2022

Use safety scaffolding correctly Safety area of sufficient width Safety area not too deep Minimise clearance Keep the safety area clear Comply with national regulations. May